alt"Redefining boundaries"

We offer a powerful and versatile managed IP VPN solutions providing your business with near limitless speeds and connecting anyone anywhere.

Our IP/VPN solutions eliminate the distance barrier between your offices by implementing a secure, highly reliable and fast private network. Efficiency is key to boost organizations productivity and networks play a key role in communicating critical information amongst its business divisions. Fast networks mean fast throughput of information, which in-turn leads to fast decision making.

LCSWIN service supports data, telephony, video conferencing and multimedia on a powerful seamless converged platform.

LankaCom offers clear channel services as well as IP based data network services. Operating an island wide IP based network connected to ultra-high speed back bone links. Our access network supports bandwidth up to 300Mbps in 64Kbps increments. Customers who require higher speeds are provided with the service via point to point wireless (Microwave) links.

MPLS technology is utilized to ensure service quality while security is assured with the use of data encrypting and tunneling even for low end services and IPSec is used where a higher level of security is required. We offer a complete solution including hardware, software, configuration support, and maintenance. Typical applications implemented include Data communication, Internet access, Intranet, and Extranet services.

Our Private Network Service Offers You

An extended enterprise connecting Intranets and Extranets


A complete and customized solution

Increased employee efficiency through connectivity

Reduced network service cost

Scalability by seamlessly integrating networks

Security and reliability